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I'm getting a tooth extraction of two baby-teeth?

I%26#039;d like to know two things:

1. I have been reading on answers that some people, when they get their teeth extracted there is a little piece of the tooth left in their gums because the root was broken. Can that possibly happen to me, when they are extracting baby teeth, or can that only happen with adult teeth?

2. When they give you a shot to numb your gums, where exactly do they apply the shot and how much does it hurt?

Please give me some tips before I get theme extracted, I%26#039;m kind of scared.

I%26#039;m getting a tooth extraction of two baby-teeth?
You may end up with a little piece of tooth left behind, but it is pretty unlikely because with baby teeth the roots are already starting to disappear due to the adult tooth pushing from below. For this reason, baby teeth are usually very easy to remove. Before you have an injection (shot) you usually get a numbing gel put on the area first and you should feel almost nothing. You will get a miniscule dose of anesthesia due them extracting baby teeth. You will be in very capable hands so try to relax, maybe wear your IPod or hold someone%26#039;s hand. Hope this helps!

JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
Reply:Just relax , when i needed braces i needed 4 teeth removed and i was fine.

The injection is to numb your tooth so u wont feel it when it is getting pulled out. The baby teeth that will be removed will help the peremant teeth grow.

You may not be able to eat for 3 hours later until the injection wears off but it is nothing to be worried about.
Reply:i don%26#039;t know much about the first question but i%26#039;ve had 10 teeth pulled and the shots are just applied to an area around the teeth that are being extracted...i could only feel the first 2 or 3 and it was just a little pinch for me...but its really not that big of a deal

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Brushing baby teeth?

is it necessary that we use flouride in the toothpaste? we typically have our family on organic products and i can%26#039;t seem to find any organic toothpaste for a 1 year old that contains flouride. (the adults and older children do not use organic toothpasts, as i feel that the need for good clean strong teeth outweighs the benefits of organic toothpaste) or does anyone know of an organic baby toothpaste with flouride?

Brushing baby teeth?
First of all, anyone who says that fluoride causes cancer is a complete and total knucklehead.

Second, a 1 year old should not be using fluoride toothpaste. You can either use any non-fluoridated toothpaste or just water. If you have fluoride in the water, that%26#039;ll be enough for a 1 year old. If your water is not fluoridated, ask your pediatrician about supplements.
Reply:No, do not use floride toothpaste until the child can spit it out and not swallow it.
Reply:It%26#039;s not advisable to use tooth paste until the child can expectorate or spit the paste out after brushing. Children tend to like the taste and will swallow it, then they ingest too much fluoride in their systems which isn%26#039;t good for them.

Just use a tooth brush with warm water, or a wet wash cloth and wipe the teeth. The main reason there is rampant decay with babies is when they are given a bottle at bedtime with milk or juice. Both of these can cause decay since they are full of sugar that works with the bacteria making an acid that does it%26#039;s damage being left on the teeth overnight during times when there is reduced saliva production, while the child sleeps eight hours or so. So always use a water bottle at bed time and make sure that you either wipe or brush the teeth well before bed to remove any sticky plaque.

I wouldn%26#039;t concern myself with the fluoride tooth paste right now, there is probably sufficient fluoride in the water. Just make sure to do a thorough check of the teeth daily and get your child involved in the habit of good oral hygiene for a lifetime of good dental health. Here is a site for Tom%26#039;s toothpaste that has fluoride free toothpaste and information on their products. Hope I%26#039;ve been of some help and good luck!
Reply:Flouride causes Cancer shouldn%26#039;t be using it at all.. No real benefit from having it. Strong teeth or cancer???? I%26#039;ll take false teeth if you pleases..


A few questions about baby teeth?

I have tried look up this information on the internet but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information.

1. Do molars fall out?(I thought they did but I have read things that say they don%26#039;t)

2. I have braces, if teeth were to try to fall out with the braces what would I have to do?

3. Can %26quot;baby teeth%26quot;(sorry I don%26#039;t know the correct term) just fall out without having another tooth behind it?

4. What is the average time that an adult tooth would show up in an x-ray before it would break skin?

Thanks in advance!

A few questions about baby teeth?
1. Permanent molars (6 years old molars and 12 year old molars) do not fall out, but baby molars do (that is where your permanent premolars will come in.

2. If you get a loose tooth with braces, you should see your orthodontist and have them take the bracket and wire off that tooth, so that it can fall out freely, without being hung on the bracket and wire.

3. Yes, baby teeth can fall out without having another tooth behind it. Some people are missing permanent teeth (just not born with them) and the baby tooth can fall out and no tooth come in behind it. An xray can tell you if a permanent tooth is under there.

4. All adult teeth are visable on an xray, even before they are ready to start coming in, so depending on the tooth and the age you are, is when you can expect for it to come in.

Hope this helps =)
Reply:Molars don%26#039;t fall out on purpose.

They are pulled if necessary. If you have braces on baby teeth, the orthodontist knows from x-rays about when your teeth should become loose and will take the bracket off that teeth, otherwise, you shouldn%26#039;t have brackets on any baby teeth.

Yes, baby teeth can fall out wihtout having another tooth behind it.

There really isn%26#039;t an average time but I%26#039;m guessing around between 9-11.
Reply:For your additional question:

Baby teeth (aka primary teeth) can still fall out even without having a permanent teeth beneath it because primary teeth have significantly smaller roots than permanent teeth. Their retaining power isn%26#039;t as great. In addition, their enamel is thinner, making them more prone to decay.

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Breastfeeding and baby teeth?

From what I have read you are supposed to brush or wipe off baby%26#039;s teeth after you do this every time they nurse? What about when they fall asleep for the night nursing? I think my son is on the verge of cutting his first tooth and I%26#039;m trying to get an idea of what most people do!

Breastfeeding and baby teeth?
%26quot;From what I have read you are supposed to brush or wipe off baby%26#039;s teeth after nursing...%26quot;


Where%26#039;d you read this?

If it%26#039;s on-line somewhere, please, post a link...

(No. I don%26#039;t wipe my daughter%26#039;s teeth after nursing. Is there really somebody who does that?)

Always question breastfeeding %26quot;help%26quot; that would have you do something you wouldn%26#039;t find women doing 100 yrs ago, that you wouldn%26#039;t find in other species. Nursing is a pretty perfect process when left unfussed with; see esp the last part below.

%26quot;It%26#039;s often said that breastfeeding (particularly while lying down at night) will cause tooth decay, just like letting a baby sleep with a bottle of milk can cause %26quot;baby bottle mouth.%26quot; Essentially, a valid link has not been made between nursing (nighttime or otherwise) and cavities.

Before the use of the baby bottle, dental decay in baby teeth was rare. Two dentists, Dr. Brian Palmer and Dr. Harold Torney, have done extensive research on human skulls (from 500-1000 years ago) in their study of tooth decay in children. Of course these children were breastfed, probably for an extended length of time. Their research has led them to conclude that breastfeeding does not cause tooth decay...

Breastmilk also contains lactoferrin, a component in breastmilk that actually kills strep mutans (the bacteria that causes tooth decay). According to a recent article in the March/April 1999 issue of Pediatric Dentistry, %26quot;It is concluded that human breast milk is not cariogenic.%26quot;

In a study done by Dr. Torney, no correlation was found between early onset (%26lt; 2 yrs) dental caries and breastfeeding patterns such as frequent night feeds, feeding to sleep, etc. He is convinced that under normal circumstances, the antibodies in breastmilk counteract the bacteria in the mouth that cause decay. However, if there are small defects in the enamel, the teeth become more vulnerable and the protective effect of breastmilk is not enough to counteract the combined effect of the bacteria and the sugars in the milk. Enamel defects occur when the first teeth are forming in utero. His explanation is based on quite a large study of long-term breastfed children with and without caries.

According to this research, a baby who is exclusively breastfed (no supplemental bottles, juice, or solids) will not have decay unless he is genetically predisposed, i.e.. soft or no enamel. In a baby who does have a genetic problem, weaning will not slow down the rate of decay and may speed it up due to lack of lactoferrin.

Much research indicates that it%26#039;s the other foods in baby%26#039;s diet (rather than breastmilk) that tend to be the main problem when it comes to tooth decay. The 1999 Erickson study (in which healthy teeth were immersed in different solutions) indicated that breastmilk alone was practically identical to water and did not cause tooth decay - another experiment even indicated that the teeth became stronger when immersed in breastmilk...%26quot;
Reply:if he falls asleep, let him sleep. it can be hard to get em back to sleep, i know. just brush or wipe his gums in the morning or when he wakes up, he%26#039;ll be just fine:)
Reply:I%26#039;ve never done that, and I%26#039;ve never heard of it. Like Babies Uber Alles posted, breastmilk actually protects the teeth against decay. I use a soft baby toothbrush on my daughter%26#039;s teeth (4 of them), but only because she eats 3 meals a day of solid foods. If she were still exclusively breastfeeding, I wouldn%26#039;t even think of it.
Reply:No, I never did that when we breast fed, but with formula you should. Will my son (now almost 11 months) after a night bottle, I do wipe his mouth out, even if he is sleeping. I have a wet rag ready and I just do it. He only has 6 teeth, so it is easy But as for breast feeding, I remember waking up with milk dripping everywhere, lol, so no you don%26#039;t have to with the breast.
Reply:I only brush his teeth after he eats solids. Breastmilk isn%26#039;t formula, it doesn%26#039;t pool on teeth. You don%26#039;t need to brush unless he%26#039;s has something else solid to eat.
Reply:You don%26#039;t have to do this everytime but you should. To those that said breast milk protect the teeth that is false. Breastmilk same as formula has sugars in it. Anything that is not a neutral pH causes the bacteria found on the teeth to produce acids that attack the enamel. Baby bottle decay can come from breast or bottle (even if breast milk is in the bottle). The position babies lay in when they feed and the fact that they don%26#039;t clearly swallow all the fluid in their mouths is what causes the fluid to pool around the newly erupted teeth. If you notice it can be an hour since a baby has ate (from breast or bottle) and you can still see some milk in their mouths. Just simply take a washcloth and wipe out their mouth and teeth. It also helps to let baby have some water after drinking milking to clear out the mouth and help neutralize the pH again. Everytime our mouthes eat something sweet it takes 20-30 minutes before the pH returns to normal.

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Anyone's baby have peg teeth?

what causes it? is it only baby teeth? is it hereditary? is it an indicator of mental abilities? I%26#039;m freaking out b/c 7 yr old stepson has them %26amp; has %26quot;special needs%26quot; and now my 9 month old baby who is teething looks like her teeth are coming in pegged. Everything else about her development is normal to above average.

Anyone%26#039;s baby have peg teeth?
as far as I know, it is not a indicator of mental abilities, just happens to be a coincidence with your stepson
Reply:You should try googling it or using a site such as medline they come in helpful in these situations. I would take him to the dentist right away to check to be sure.
Reply:Go here. There are listed common causes:

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Why have my baby teeth not fallen out yet?

I have 2 adult canine teeth still waiting to come out and alas my baby teeth are too stubborn to leave. (upper teeth)

Why have my baby teeth not fallen out yet?
They may never come out... LEAVE THEM.. until a dentist has reviewed your case.

Some people will never lose them, due to there is no %26#039;permanet%26#039; tooth above it, to push it out. X%26#039;rays.. will tell them if something is up there or not. If there is a adult or %26#039;permanet%26#039; tooth there.. most likely its out of align and cant get out, something is in the way stopping it. This happens alot in people with crowded teeth.

Your dentist can tell you the reasons in which this is happening, either way. Ask him.. from that point on, he%26#039;ll give you the options you need or can take from there!
Reply:because your onlt 6 years old!
Reply:my husband is 47 and still has a few of his baby teeth.. they never havew fallen out. Might be genetics.. his mom had baby teeth she never lost either. Talk to your dentist... you may need to have them pulled so the adult teeth can come in. I had to have that done with a few of my teeth when I was about 13.
Reply:You neglected to mention a very importnat pice if information. Your age. Go back to first grade and ask in a few years.
Reply:Because you are too young..... Mine prob didnt all fall out until I was 11 or 12
Reply:The dentist might have to yank them out. That is what happened to my sis. SHe said it kinda hurt but it was okay.
Reply:Some baby teeth never do fall out, probably hereditary. Go to the dentist and have xrays to see if you have adult teeth to fill the spots.
Reply:There are several genetic conditions that would cause the baby teeth not to leave. Go and see your dentist, he/she can help you.
Reply:There could be a couple reasons.

1. Your canines maybe congenitally missing.

Is any one in your family missing those teeth, it is genetic??

A dental exam with specific xrays of those areas will show if

indeed those teeth never formed. It is quiet common but

unless you are looking for that anomaly you would never know

2. They also could be impacted inside your palate in witch case

an xray also would show that. Then your dentist will advise

you the best way to bring then down.

3. You could just have lazy canines that may need some help

by your dentist to remove them.

In what ever scenario your dentist can tell you the best was to

manage it.

Hope this helps you..
Reply:Well sunny it depends how old ya are!

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How come most baby teeth are straight?

I always see straight baby teeth and they are never crooked..only some are. how come baby teeth are like this?

How come most baby teeth are straight?
They are small, so there is plenty of room for them to come in.
Reply:It may be that God likes perfection and that%26#039;s what He gives us

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